About Me

I have always had a passion for photography. My skill is not that of a expert but more of an aspiring photographer. I love to shoot anything it can be family portraits, senior portraits, maternity, wedding, modeling portifolio.
My photography style is yet to be described, but I aim to create photographs that capture the heart of all those who view my work and leave a lasting memory of what they see. I hope that you will see some sort of story in my work. And I hope you like what I do.
My experience is some community college in Dallas, TX and on the job training. I am always involved in some type of photography group in which we try and build our skills by sharing our abilites. I am very professional and enjoy what I do.
I believe that God created millions of photographers and Gordon Parks is the General and I am just a soldier and everyday is bootcamp for me. I am training and working hard in moving up in the ranks of the Photography Army!
Duane Taylor